Transmission Cost


Today it’s common to see a transmission cost of $3000.00 or more, so why are transmissions cost so high?

Parts- The price of parts has risen and transmissions these days need more parts than they did 10-20 years ago.  These parts are smaller and lighter and now have to handle even more torque. Clutch materials have been completely redesigned to handle the high demand by using exotic materials and manufacturing techniques. These techniques and materials have caused the prices to climb. Transmission kits that once cost under $100 are now edging over $1000.00!

A wide range of today's transmissions include electronic components, such as solenoids, sensors, and switches. As well as wiring harnesses or circuits that provide power to those components. Some transmissions even have a computer right inside the case. Another large component is the torque converter, which is an absolute must for every rebuild. Most low cost quotes on the internet do not include torque converters, be careful and make sure your quote includes a torque converter.     

Labor- With as many as five to six forward speed transmissions these additional gear ranges require extra components. These components include extra clutch packs, more gears, and vastly more complex controls- all needing to be cleaned, examined, and adjusted during a rebuild, even if there’s nothing wrong with them. To make sure each solenoid is in good shape both electrically and mechanically they need to be individually tested. So even if these components are good a rebuilder can spend hours testing them. The labor for a rebuilt transmission includes the time it takes to rebuild, as well as the time it takes to remove and reinstall the transmission itself.

Shop cost- It costs more than ever to run a shop, everything is up. The shops are dealing with the same rising fees. The prices for everything are rising, have you noticed your electric bill? Or your insurance bill? Shops are dealing with the rising cost of everything needed to run and stay in business, the only choice is to raise their prices

Warranty- When you go with a rebuilt transmission it’s standard to get a 12 month/ 12 thousand miles whichever comes first type of warranty with the options of upgrading to a warranty with higher mileage and additional months for a higher price. The cost of the overall repairs include this standard warranty to be able to offer peace of mind for the road ahead.
So why are transmission prices so high? It’s not about taking advantage of you when you're in trouble. Transmission shops’ expenses are rising even faster than yours, and they don’t have a choice but to raise their prices. So when you see deals for transmissions on the internet cheaper than the average cost of $3000, ask yourself, what are they leaving out? Does it have a warranty? Is it just an empty case?

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