What type of services do you offer?

We are a full service repair facility but we specialize in driveline repair and transmission rebuilds.

What type of warranty does a rebuilt transmission carry?

Our rebuilt in house transmissions come with a standard 12 month/12,000 mile whichever comes first limited warranty. We do offer 18 month 18,000 mile warranties as well.

What does a transmission rebuild cost?

There are a lot of different variables when it comes to the cost of a rebuilt transmission, first being the year, make and model of the vehicle. Even with that information it’s hard to give a reasonable estimate without seeing the vehicle as the same year vehicle can have multiple transmission options. The failure can also play a large or small part in the price of the rebuild, and how long the vehicle was driven after.

What’s a rebuilt transmission?

When we rebuild your transmission we start with a process known as an RDI (remove, disassemble, and inspect). We remove your transmission from the vehicle, disassemble it to find the failure and inspect all the other parts for damages. During this process the rebuilder is creating the parts list for your rebuild. Every rebuild gets new “soft parts” ; these are seals, gaskets, clutches, and other items that once opened need to be replaced, along with any updates to prevent future breakdowns from known problems.

Is my vehicle safe to drive with a transmission concern?

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing. We highly recommend parking the vehicle or getting it to the shop as soon as you feel a transmission issue, or even having it towed in. The longer you drive with a transmission concern the more internal damage it can cause. Another issue when driving a vehicle with a transmission concern is your transmission could stop working altogether leaving you stranded possibly in an intersection.

Do I need an Appointment?

It’s always better to have an appointment so we have a dedicated lift and technician for your vehicle, however if it’s a transmission concern, check engine light, or you don’t feel safe driving we ask you to give us a call so we can try and accommodate you.

Do you do New York State Inspections?

We do, by appointment only and NYSI are cash only.

Do you Work on Jeeps?

Yes! As Jeep owners we know the importance of finding a trustworthy shop to work on your Jeep. We aren’t intimidated by “Jeep Things”!

Do you offer Financing?

Yes! We work with a financing company that offers our customers a way to help or in some cases completely cover needed repairs with no hard credit check.

Can I bring my own parts?

We do not install outside parts unless it’s a specialty part or an upgrade. There is no warranty on customer provided parts. When customers bring their own parts it’s not always the correct part or all the parts needed and usually we wont know that till the part is already removed or in some cases installed. Customer provided parts usually end with the customer paying for two parts and double the labor. It’s always best to trust the shop with ordering and handling parts. If you have any questions please call the shop and ask before you order your own parts.

How much does a Remanufactured transmission cost?

Remanufactured transmissions range in price based on the vehicle’s year,make and model. Unfortunately without seeing the vehicle we wouldn’t have a good price as there is information on your vehicle we would need.

What is an RDI?

Removal, Disassembly, and Inspection of the internals of the transmission. The transmission will be taken out, disassembled, and a parts list will be created based on the inspection. Customer agrees to cover any charges including the RDI that the warranty company does not cover.

Is it necessary to change my transmission fluid?

At factory specified service times yes, but if you’re doing it because you have a transmission concern it’s always better to get your vehicle checked out before changing the fluid. Changing the fluid due to a transmission concern can create a bigger issue and cause more internal damages. It’s always wise to have your vehicle checked out by a transmission shop before doing a transmission service.

How much do your services cost?

This largely depends on the service, please call or stop by and we can work out an estimate.

How often should I get my transmission fluid changed?

That depends largely on usage, commercial, daily driver, and livery will all be at different mileage intervals, and can range between 15,000 miles to 75,000 miles. Call Superior Transmissions or stop in today to find out what interval is right for your vehicle.

Do you work on fleet vehicles?

Yes we do! We work hard to get our fleet customers in and out as fast as possible!

Can I get a quote over the phone?

Unfortunately no, we usually need information off the vehicle and need to confirm diagnosis before we create a quote. 

Can I get a quote over the phone?

Unfortunately no, we usually need information off the vehicle and need to confirm diagnosis before we create a quote. 

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, however there is a 3.99% fee for all credit card transactions.

Do you do Motorcycle inspections?

Yes we do, Motorcycle inspections are cash only.

How long is my Estimate good for?

Estimates are held for 48 hours due to the constant inflation of parts prices.

Do you accept aftermarket warranties?

Yes! We work with almost all of the aftermarket warranty companies including but not limited to ASC, Endurance, Car shield, and more! Call today to make an appointment!

Do you offer towing?

We offer local towing with most services for free.

How much does a used transmission cost?

Used transmissions range in price based on the vehicle year, make, and model. Unfortunately without seeing the vehicle we wouldn’t have a good price as there is information on your vehicle we would need.

How long does a rebuilt transmission take?

Depending on the year, make, model, as well as the availability of parts it usually takes one week once the work is started.