Transmission Rebuild

New Windsor Transmission Rebuild

Sometimes you have a significant transmission problem, but the vehicle owner opts for a rebuild, and don’t know what goes into it. It may be cheaper than a replacement, but you should know what is going on with your vehicle. Here at Superior Transmissions & Auto can help you to understand if a rebuild is the best option for you.

Our mechanics will need to first remove the transmission from your vehicle. they will need to take it apart carefully. The system will need to be cleaned to ensure all residue is removed. Replace any worn parts with new ones, that includes seals, and gaskets that will ensure that your performance is restored, we may recommend and need your approval for any upgrade of parts to improve longevity and the performance.

If there are any electrical repairs they may be performed as needed. Your transmission is then returned to it’s housing in your vehicle. You will have a quality performing vehicle with a rebuilt transmission.

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