Expert Transmission Inspection and Diagnostics

Comprehensive Transmission Inspection and Diagnostics

At Superior Transmissions and Auto in New Windsor, NY, we understand that accurate diagnostics are the foundation of any reliable transmission repair. That’s why we offer our comprehensive Transmission Inspection and Diagnostics service, ensuring we address the right problem with precision and expertise.

Our Thorough Transmission Vehicle Courtesy Check

Every transmission service at Superior Transmissions and Auto begins with our exclusive Vehicle Courtesy Check. We believe in a thorough approach – diagnosing your transmission issue accurately to ensure efficient and effective repairs. Our process is meticulous, catching even the minor issues that could escalate into major concerns.

Technology and Expertise: A Perfect Combination

We combine advanced technology with our team’s vast expertise to pinpoint the root cause of your transmission problems. Over half of our diagnostics reveal that many transmissions need only minor repairs. This accuracy in diagnosis is what makes us a trusted name in transmission services.

Detailed Inspection and Road Test

Our Vehicle Courtesy Check & Diagnostics Services includes a comprehensive range of inspections:

  • Checking transmission fluid level and condition.
  • Inspecting transfer case and differential fluid where applicable.
  • Conducting a detailed road test to assess performance issues like upshift quality, downshift timing, noises, and vibrations.
  • Evaluating 4×4 performance, neutral, reverse, and park-hold functions.

External Controls Inspection

Your vehicle will be thoroughly inspected on a lift, checking the external controls for potential issues. We examine every aspect including:

  • Shift linkage or cable.
  • Vacuum connections and engine performance.
  • Engine idle, mounts, axles, and fluid retention.
  • Scanning the computer for trouble codes to identify any electronic issues.

Computer and Internal Diagnostics

Our diagnostics don’t end with external checks. We delve deeper with advanced computer and internal diagnostics to ensure comprehensive service. This includes:

  • Using state-of-the-art scanners to retrieve trouble codes and determine probable causes.
  • Reviewing data against our extensive technical database for accurate diagnosis.
  • Examining the electronic components, solenoids, sensors, and wiring.

Superior Diagnostic Approach

We follow a diagnostic approach to renowned industry standards. Even if initial checks don’t diagnose the problem, we don’t recommend a rebuilt service until we know EXACTLY what’s causing the issue. Our approach ensures that you only get the necessary repair, saving you time and money.

Ensuring Accurate and Necessary Repairs

Our certified technicians are trained to distinguish between problems that need immediate attention and those that may be less urgent. This precision in diagnostics sets us apart, ensuring that your vehicle receives the exact care it needs.

Why Choose Superior Transmissions and Auto for Your Diagnostics Needs

Choosing Superior Transmissions and Auto means entrusting your vehicle to experts who value accuracy and precision. Our comprehensive approach to transmission inspection and diagnostics ensures that we address the right problem the first time around.

Book Your Transmission Diagnostic Appointment

Don’t wait for minor transmission issues to turn into major headaches. Schedule your transmission diagnostic appointment today at Superior Transmissions and Auto. Visit us at 997 Little Britain Road, Unit 2, New Windsor, NY, 12553, or book online at, or call us at (845) 522-8104. Let us provide you with the expert service you deserve.

Expert Transmission Inspection and Diagnostics
Expert Transmission Inspection and Diagnostics

Conclusion: Your Go-To Experts for Transmission Diagnostics

At Superior Transmissions and Auto, we are dedicated to ensuring that your vehicle’s transmission issues are diagnosed and repaired accurately and efficiently. Our expert team, advanced technology, and comprehensive diagnostic approach make us your go-to experts in New Windsor, NY. Experience the difference with us – where your vehicle’s performance and your satisfaction are our highest priorities.